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Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance Fleet 6 Race Pack With 2 Flasks

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Designed in a race vest style, it can be easily adjusted so that it hugs the body, making it comfortable over longer distances. The twin secure pockets and twin front stash pockets are ideal for quick access, plus the two 500ml flexi flasks provide much-needed hydration. The main pocket on the back has space for 6 litres of storage for the larger items you might need, with the option of adding in a 2.0-litre hydration bladder.

Ideal for long distance runs, this extremely lightweight race vest style pack will keep you hydrated and focused as you strive for the best results and performance. With an array of storage space, all your nutrients, water bottles and essential items can be securely stored without causing distraction or disruption to your race. Additionally, stash pockets are located on the pack for items you regularly need, giving you the ability to easily access those aforementioned items. The main compartment is loaded with 6L of storage, perfect for any waterproof items or race kit you may need with you while on the go. The compartment can also double up as storage for your laptop or lunch if you are commuting to and from work, offering a versatile travel companion for every occasion. When using the pack for running, the main pocket also provides the option for holding a 2.0L bladder if required, giving you the necessary hydration to keep you fresh and energised for your race. The twin stash pockets are perfect for smaller items such as bars, gels and nutrients. Alternatively, the stash pockets can be used for secure storage of more valuable items like your mobile phone, keys and maps. Included with the pack are 2 x 500ml F