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The Women's Topo Athletic Atmos is a road running shoe offering maximum cushioning, perfect for everyday runs and longer weekend jogs. This plush high cushion running shoe, known like other Topo Athletic styles for its spacious toe box, encourages natural foot function and a better overall running form.

The Atmos features a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, fostering a midfoot strike for better energy efficiency. The spacious toe box allows for natural foot expansion, aiding in cushioning and forward propulsion. Consider your foot a spring, loading better when hitting the floor due to the space to splay. Additionally, a reduced heel-to-forefoot drop promotes a midfoot strike, which is more energy-efficient compared to a heavy heel strike. The Topo Athletic Atmos is not zero drop, so arguably remains a great shoe to transition into low and zero drop like other styles and brands like 'Altra'.

It stands out as the first max-cushioned shoe in the Topo Athletic line, similar to models like the Hoka Bondi. The shoe's recycled mesh upper ensures a comfortable, breathable fit. Its ZipFoam™ technology delivers a plush yet responsive underfoot feel, balancing comfort and energy return. Additionally, the Atmos is designed with extra rubber in high-wear areas, enhancing its durability for long-term use.