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The women's Topo Athletic Ultrafly 4 is the latest light, nimble mild support road running shoe from Topo Athletic, who specialise in lower drop and a rounded toe box running shoes.

At 5mm heel to forefoot drop the Ultrafly 4 is low, and yet the higher level available in Topo Athletic running shoes. Many customers newer to low or zero drop enjoy 4mm-5mm as it doesn't feel too much of a leap from their previous road shoes. Lower drop running shoes help improve your running form (encouraging a mid-foot landing) and can help you keep your posture upright, feeling light on your feet.

The women's Ultrafly 4 provides some mild support for inward rolling through the gait cycle aka overpronation but remains unobtrusive. The wide toe box will allow your feet and toes to spread naturally under load and help provide a more powerful toe off.

The Zip Foam midsole, compared with traditional EVA, provides more energy return and retains its shape better even over long runs. This along with the light weight should keep the Ultrafly 4 feeling fun to run quickly in.