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The men's Phantom 3 by Topo Athletic represents the latest evolution of the highly cushioned everyday trainer, featuring a low heel-to-forefoot drop, a spacious foot-shaped toe box, and a mission to provide a soft, lightweight, and responsive running experience. To achieve this, Topo Athletic has enhanced their two-piece midsole with the innovative ZipFoam™ formula.

With a 5mm heel-to-forefoot drop, the Phantom 3 encourages a midfoot strikeimproved posture, and enhanced overall running form. Combined with the roomy toe box, your feet can naturally absorb impact and propel you more effectively, correctly loading the plantar fascia.

The Phantom 3 running shoe caters to men who are new to running and recognize the advantages of lower drop, rounded-toe running shoes, seeking a cushioned and comfortable ride during their initial miles. Experienced runners also appreciate the Phantom 3 for its comfort during daily mileage.

Additionally, the revamped upper features an engineered mesh made from 30% recycled materials, embodying an eco-friendly choice equivalent to three 16 oz. plastic water bottles in each pair of running shoes.