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The women's Phantom 3 is the most recent iteration of the high-cushion everyday trainer with a low heel to forefoot drop, plenty of room in the foot shaped toe box and aims to bridge the gap between a soft feeling, lightweight, and yet responsive running running experience. To do this, Topo Athletic improved their two-piece midsole by introducing the ZipFoam™ formula.

The Phantom 3 has a lower heel to forefoot drop of 5mm, to encourage a more midfoot strike, better posture and better overall form. When this combined with a roomy toe box, your feet can now naturally cushion and propel you more effectively by splaying out on impact, loading the planta fascia correctly.

The Phantom 3 running shoe is ideal for ladies new to running who understand the benefits of lower drop, rounded toe running shoes that want to feel a bouncy, cushioned and comfy ride on their first miles. More experience women also enjoy the Phantom 3 for comfortable everyday mileage.

The newly redesigned upper incorporates an engineered mesh crafted from 30% recycled materials, which translates to the eco-friendly equivalent of three 16 oz. plastic water bottles in every pair of running shoes.