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This Half-Zip T-Shirt features Mizuno's unique Drylite technology that works endlessly to wick sweat as it's produced. Once wicked, the technology transfers the moisture to the outer layers of the fabric where it can be easily evaporated, ensuring you stay cool, dry and comfortable. In addition, the tee features DryAeroFlow technology, which provides high levels of breathability, even in wet conditions, working to dry the material using a high-heat release. These two technologies work together in tandem to ensure you stay ultimately comfortable and dry throughout your run. Furthermore, the tee offers DynamotionFit technology which is based on anatomical research to create patterns that give improved garment fit and full freedom of movement. BlindStitch construction ensures ultimate comfort by providing you with flat seams that run smoothly over the skin as you move. This superb construction eliminates the chances of chafing and skin irritation, keeping you going for longer. A half-zip puts you in control of the ventilation as well as allows easy layering, while a zipper garage prevents the cold zip from touching the sensitive skin around your neck, chin and lips. Mizuno FreshPlus technology adds an anti-bacterial and deodorising function to your, creating a fresher and odour-reducing product. Reflective details enhance your visibility during low light conditions, keeping you safe on your run. Lastly, the garment has a back zip pocket, providing you space to store items safely.