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With its incredible bounce and energy return, the new NOVABLAST 4 shoe can move you from feeling average to energised. Its vibrant colour and progressive design make this shoe even more iconic than ever before.Enhancing the comfort and breathability of your feet, the Novablast 4 Running Shoes have been created with an engineered woven upper. The one-piece upper ensures a constant flow of air enters your shoes, allowing your feet to remain cosy at all times. Not only this, but the addition of perforations in the forefoot ensures that feet won't overheat. The fabric used wicks moisture rapidly to prevent feet from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. Not only this but the fabric has additional stretch fibres to provide you with the perfect fit, that moves with the foot as you run. The shoes feature a gusseted tongue construction, with increased stretch and padding than the previous version increasing comfort as you put in the miles. The shoes are reinforced with a supportive heel design to help guide the foot with more control through your gait cycle. Alongside this, a traditional lace-up system keeps your foot locked in and secure, reducing in-shoe slippage from occurring.